The Signal: One Perfect Shot

Filmmaker Geoff Todd has created a Twitter feed called One Perfect Shot - a curation of inspirational, cinematic freeze frames. Featuring everything from classics like North by Northwest, to lesser-known and foreign films that you may have missed, Todd gives honor to the cinematographers who have artistically brought together light, focus, camera angle, and dramatic tension to form that "one perfect shot."

The feed features frame after frame of gorgeous cinematic stills, and is certainly worth a follow.

The Signal: Daniel Agee's “365"

The Signal is our collection of People, Sites, and Shows that are worth keeping an eye on.

It's not difficult to discern where Daniel Agee's passion lies. One visit to his site, "Photography, My Love" (yes, the name offers a rather large hint), will reveal that he gets his fix by taking pictures. Simple, gorgeous pictures.

I began following Agee on twitter last fall, and it was sometime in the first week of January that I first took notice of his new photo-a-day project for 2014, which he's appropriately named "365". The conceit is simple enough: no matter where he is, he posts at least one photo per day to the collection. Fortunately for us, this usually means a thoughtfully-captured and beautifully-edited image taken somewhere in Portland, Oregon. Not to mention some stunning shots from elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

While Agee's blog features many photosets that are all worthy of your attention, there's something about 365 that's special to me. I feel it captures the essence of the town of my birth, that I still proudly call home: this is Portland, the way that I too see it.

Bookmark the project and allow Daniel Agee to share his daily photo with you. Being prompted each day to stop and look at something authentic and thoughtful is a priveledge that is not to be taken granted.

The Signal: TED Radio Hour

The Signal is our collection of People, Sites, and Shows that are worth keeping an eye on.

ted radio hour.jpg

We love podcasts, and one of our very favorites is the TED Radio Hour, a co-production of NPR and TED.

Each episode collects a few TED talks, applying them to a shared theme – such as the concept of beauty, overcoming weakness , or predicting the future. Mixed in among snippets of each TED talk are new conversations with the speakers that offer deeper context, bringing each theme to life.

There is something magical about the way that the radio production distills the talks down to their single moment of epiphany, powerfully weaving together talks from various speakers in service of the overall truth that's being presented in any given episode.

If you already enjoy TED talks, you're likely to love TED Radio Hour even more. If you're new to podcasts in general, we can't imagine a better place to start.

The Signal: COLOSSAL

The Signal is our collection of People, Sites, and Shows that are worth keeping an eye on.


If you aren't familar with Colossal, it's time to get acquainted. The site is a digital collection of art that ranges from fantastically unique to hauntingly beautiful to the whimsical and bizarre.

A few recent highlights include the stunning collection of photos of Chicago's Deep Freeze, a San Francisco designer's absurdly detailed model of a Boeing 777 made from manilla envelopes, and a photographer's otherworldly discovery while vacationing in the Maldives.

Every time I visit Colosssal, I'm reminded of what makes the internet great. Take a break from your quest to Inbox Zero and take your time reveling in a few of the 3,000+ posts. Your day will be better off because of it.