Deconstructed: Toast Covers

This post was written and contributed by Ian Deming (@iandeming).

To quote Andrew Kim, of Minimally Minimal:

The 5S is crisp, precise, and jewel-like…the iPhone is at an unparalleled, deity status when it comes to execution. Apple spends more money than anyone on perfecting hardware, and it shows.

I agree. Personally, the iPhone 5s is the finest item I've ever owned. And because of it's beautiful industrial design, I don't want to hide it behind a case, despite the protection benefits that a case offers.

Enter Toast.


Toast manufactures real wood covers that apply to your iPhone with a high quality peel and stick adhesive so they are easy to attach and long lasting. 1

  1. I haven't tried, but I've heard these aren't the easiest to remove.


Not only does the cover offer protection to the back surface of the phone, the cover itself is absolutely gorgeous.


I can't stress enough how beautiful these covers look and feel in person. Best of all, the cover respects the beauty of the iPhone by not covering the chamfered edges and maintains hand feel with negligible weight gain (0.02 lb) and thickness (0.03 inches).


Toast is available in a handful of wood styles, including Ebony (pictured), Ash, Walnut, and Bamboo and retail for around $25.