Deconstructed: Grid-It Sleeve

<i class="fa fa-camera-retro"></i>Deconstructed: Grid-It Sleeve

Growing older does not always mean growing wiser. However, one lesson I've tried to adopt in life is to avoid buying goods that fail to balance form with function. Simply put, I expect to have it both ways. Anytime that I compromise on this one, I regret it. But with that said, often finding a product that fits the bill is a struggle.

When searching for the right daily bag several years back, I ended up continually leaning toward - and eventually purchasing - a bag that was of a more classic design. With bags, "classic" can often mean great build quality and beauty, but it also likely results in a bag that is not built to carry a computer or its accesories; there’s no dedicated, padded laptop sleeve, and in the case of the bag that I went with, the whole thing is comprised of just two main compartments. Small pockets for chargers, cables, and the like? Nada.

Ironically, in the years since I bought my satchel, I've found myself on-the-go more than ever, and the number of items I take with me these days results in pure chaos at the bottom of my bag. I've tried more functional bags and backpacks for the sake of organization, but I simply can’t seem to let go of my trusty leather satchel. 

This story has a happy ending, thanks to one simple, elegant solution: Grid-It.

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Deconstructed: Toast Covers

<i class="fa fa-camera-retro"></i>Deconstructed: Toast Covers

To quote Andrew Kim, of Minimally Minimal:

The 5S is crisp, precise, and jewel-like…the iPhone is at an unparalleled, deity status when it comes to execution. Apple spends more money than anyone on perfecting hardware, and it shows.

I agree. Personally, the iPhone 5s is the finest item I've ever owned. And because of it's beautiful industrial design, I don't want to hide it behind a case, despite the protection benefits that a case offers. For a certain segment of the iPhone-carrying community, the need exists for a middle ground- a way to defend the anodized metal back from scuffs and scratches, without compromising the iPhone's near-perfect form.

Enter Toast.

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