A Year of Solo Travel

At The Bevy, we love to talk about travel. Who doesn't, right?

Keegan Jones wrote a piece on Medium recently about travelling on his own for an entire year, offering his advice for thriving on the long road. Here's one bit that agrees with how I'd prefer to approach unknown places, if I could carve out the time to do it right:

Go slow. Moving around every few days can be exhausting. I found staying in a single place for a minimum of 2 weeks was the right pace. It’s enough time to see the sights, meet some locals, understand the culture, and also have a few days to plan your next move. I would rather go slow and fully explore a place than go on a whirlwind tour.

On our 3rd episode of Overheard ( "Just Go" ), I tried to explain to Ian what it is about travelling alone that I find so appealling. It's also something that I am wary of experiencing for an extended stretch, because being that alone is not a great fit for my personality. Or at least I don't believe it would be- I've never really tried it for more than a handful of days at a time.