Between The Lines

A couple of tech veterans who see the Apple space much more clearly than I do have taken time to reflect on Apple's WWDC Keynote, and what they are seeing is hardware.

First, Chuck Skoda reads the iOS 8 tea leaves and sees a lot of potential connections to an as-yet-unannounced wearable device:

Notification Center widgets however are extending apps beyond the iOS fullscreen experience in a way that feels like a very nice fit for a notification driven device. Developers are being encouraged to fit their apps most critical information and functionality into much smaller constraints than they’re used to dealing with. This seems like an effort that could translate directly or indirectly to extending features to a watch.

On the surface, the tap-to-talk functionality of the Messages app seems like Apple admitting the value from transient messaging apps like Snapchat. However, it’s also a strikingly simple way to send a message from a device that has no keyboard for text input, a valuable feature to have on a watch.

Then David Sparks draws what seems like an obvious connection between Apple's new Metal platform and AppleTV:

What if game developers, using Metal and the next Apple chip could push enough pixels to actually be in the ballpark with existing game systems (or at least close behind) and Apple put it's weight behind a game controller? These things seemed inconceivable until last week's Keynote but now I've got to wonder. Maybe the push for Metal was more about the AppleTV than iOS.

Any pundits or fans who came away from the WWDC Keynote lamenting the absence of hardware announcements are (a) spoiled brats, and (b) likely missing the bigger picture.

According to these two gents, exciting hardware revelations were all over WWDC- you just had to know where to look.