Geek Christmas


It's official: Apple's WWDC Keynote event has been announced as scheduled for June 2nd at it's usual time, 10:00 AM Pacific.

While iPhone hardware announcements usually get their own event in the fall, WWDC has historically been a bit of a wild card event where just about everything else is potentially on the table.

Although people who know better than the rest of us have recently revealed that neither the long-awaited iWatch nor an AppleTV update are likely to be unveiled at the event, we will almost surely see a new Mac OS X- expected to have a major facelift- in great detail. We'll also see new toys and features added to iOS, including perhaps at least one new service platform ("Healthbook", which looks intriguing, has reportedly already been leaked).

The bottom line is that there will be an hour or two of shiny new goodness on display, much of which we will get to play with soon thereafter, for free.