Waking Up

Daniel Agee:

Wide awake at 4AM, there’s not much to do. I played Threes on my phone, browsed Reddit for a bit, habitually checked Instagram and Twitter. That got me to 5AM. I read a book on my Kindle. That got me to 6AM. There’s not much to do at 6AM either.

Unless you decide to catch a sunrise.

We've shared his work here before. Fortunately for all of us, Daniel continues to shoot and share new images all the time. And I must say that his recently published collection, captured on and around Portland's historic St. John's Bridge, is an absolute gem.

Visit Daniel's stunning blog, Photography My Love, 1 to see the rest of the images. Not only are they all worth experiencing, but the accompanying narration of his pre-dawn adventure elevates it from a simple gallery to a charming short story, providing a context to the images that you can immediately relate to.

  1. Seriously, you won't find a better-looking website devoted to photographic story-telling.