We've all been there.

You're perusing the dinner menu at a fashionable restaurant, and while you are certainly tempted by a particular dish, you don't recognize some of the ingredients listed in the description. Are Endives something from the sea, or from the ground? 1 Too embarrassed to ask the waitress, you order the burger. Again.

Or cruising through the Farmer's Market as you shop for that perfect in-season ingredient to build a dish around, trying to convince yourself that the Seville Orange is really just an extra sweet orange with a fancy Spanish name. Right? 2

These are questions that Ramps is ready to answer. The app is a clever, simple-to-use tool for anyone who wants to know more about all kinds of ingredients- from the everyday staples we take for granted, to the exotic elements that we could never pick out of a lineup.

Starting with over 300 fruits and vegetables- with the promise of new food groups in future updates- the charmingly designed Ramps is already a great buy $1.

It's available on the App Store now.

(via Neven Mrgan)

  1. Ramps Says: “A lettuce so sturdy it can even be sautéed."

  1. Ramps Says: “The seedy, wincingly tart, bitter orange with the thick rind is best reserved for marmalades and liqueurs."