Facebook: Paper

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.22.33 PM.png

This morning, Facebook announced "Paper", a new standalone iPhone app that recreates the standard Facebook News Feed as an immersive, horizontally scrolling set of screens.

While we won't get our hands on the app until February 3rd, the microsite shows off a radical rethinking of the current Facebook experience. Other than the ubiquitous "thumbs up" icon, there is nothing here that looks like Facebook (which, to us, is a great thing). From the removal of all chrome to the beautiful typography and gesture-driven navigation, this app really does look amazing.

But beyond looking great, Facebook is creating a space for your feed to naturally live alongside articles, headlines, and stories that they think you'll find interesting. This move away from the avalanche-of-info newsfeed that we're accustomed to should not be overlooked: With Paper, Facebook introduces a slower, more curated stream of info - which reminds us of why we started The Bevy in the first place. We simply think that compelling content from around the web should be easier to get to than the current Facebook experience. It looks like Facebook thinks so, too.

So here's to hoping that Paper delivers on the promise of what we saw with today's announcement. We're definitely encouraged to see anyone, especially Facebook, contribute toward making the internet - and our lives - less busy and more interesting.