"Best Before"

I'm filing this one under "things that will disgust my wife": Trader Joe's founder Doug Rauch 1 is behind a new store concept that focuses on selling "expired" food at discounted prices.

Food Republic's Jess Kapadia pretty much nails the way I feel about those silly dates that they are putting on everything these days:

As someone with precisely zero fear of food that doesn't display something very clearly wrong, I'm excited to make good use of that which would only nourish the bacteria decomposing it.

Amen, Jess.

If indeed there is some sense to having dates printed on a package of food, perhaps a byproduct of this movement will mean that we can all become more educated about how to interpret them. Since I don't know the difference between "expired", "best before" and "sell by", I usually just use my eyes and nose to tell me if food is still good to go. But I'm open to learning more about the dates, and what they are meant to represent.

  1. Synergy Alert! Ever notice how perishable goods at TJ's are never more than a couple of days from their expriation date?