The Treadmill Desk

Ever since I read Lex Friedman's tribute to his beloved treadmill desk in the Magazine (subscription required), I've maintained a certain level of curiousity about the idea of using one myself. Not to say that I've ever been close or even dipped my toes into researching how to acquire one, but it's fair to say that after reading Lex's account, I now regard the idea as something more than totally nuts.

Matt Honan of Wired recently gave it a whirl, and while he had a lot of fun and reflected fondly on some of the experience, the Treadmill Desk left him with a different lasting impression than Friedman's:

In the end, I lost three pounds during the month of December — during a time when I gorged on holiday food and candy and, aside from two lonely bike rides, made a point of not exercising in any way, shape or form whenever I wasn’t on my treadmill desk. I genuinely felt better at the end of most days too. It was a great experience in weight loss and health. But for working?

Eh… Not so much.


I find Matt's conclusion to support what we already knew: that exercise - specifically the right type of consistent exercise - will improve one's physical fitness and generally make a person feel better. At the same time, creating time to exercise everyday while not taking time away from other commitments (work, family, sleep), is still a trick we have yet to master. And combining exercise with any of these is next to impossible.