App Fatigue

Chris Bowler has a great post this week detailing the many reasons why he may be losing his enthusiam for the relentless cycle of app upgrades:

But if there's one thing I do not appreciate about Apple, it is their drive – and ability – to promote perceived obsolescence. My Twitter feed is a testament to this during and after each Apple event in the year. People are happily buying a brand new phone every year despite the fact that their current phone should last at least five. At least!

And this cycle has spilled over in to the software side, where indie developers treat each new version as an opportunity to refine their own product up the version number, and charge for it again. Not that this is wrong; in order for them to continue their business, they have to.

But as the consumer, I have to admit I grow tired of paying for the same app three or four times.

I've been experiencing something similar to what Chris describes here, so this definitely resonates with me. Further, I've also found the act of discovering new apps- deliberating over their merits, asking others what they think, etc- to be a major undertaking that has become somewhat exhausting. I sometimes think I put more energy into this process than I will ever receive back from a given app in the form of entertainment, delight, or productivity.

It has all added up to the point that I've been becoming more aware of this condition lately, but I had not been able to articulate what exactly it is, until now: App Fatigue.

Thank you, Mr Bowler.