Details Emerge On New Nikon Df

The 50mm f/1.8 kit will cost $2,996.95, but what exactly will your $3K get you?

The 50mm f/1.8 kit will cost $2,996.95, but what exactly will your $3K get you?

Earlier today, released images and retail pricing for the new Nikon Df full-frame camera.

We don't know much at this time, but based on what we do know, it's unclear exactly which market Nikon is targeting with the Df. This take on the ever-popular "retro" look is undeniably cool, but it's unlikely that styling will be the deciding factor for professional photographers who are willing to shell out $2700 for a new DSLR.

Sony seems to have demonstrated a better understanding for creating demand in the "Prosumer" space with their stunning full-frame offering, the RX1. A retro head-turner in it's own right, the camera has a lot more to offer than good looks. Sony's focus on combining simplicity of design (a non-interchangeable premium 35mm F/2 fixed lens) with an unbelievably small form factor set the industry abuzz, and the rave reviews are still pouring in. While the Df will offer the flexibility of swapping out the lens, that flexibility comes at the expense of size and weight. Furthermore, for $700 less you can buy Nikon's flagship full-frame D600 with a 35mm F2 lens and own a camera that is 5 grams lighter and shoots 1080p video.

I've been wanting to add a full-frame camera to my bag for some time now, but when choosing between the constraints of size, weight, flexibility, and cost, I can't see where the Df fits.

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