MOS: Magnetic Organization System


As a notebook user who plugs into a Cinema Display whenever I’m at my desk, I’m no stranger to that annoying "cable falling behind the desk" problem. While there are a handful of known cable management hacks and stopgaps to combat the issue, the MOS is the first product I’ve come across that feels like an actual solution - and an elegant one at that.

Basically, the MOS is an attractive little puck 1 that employs powerful magnets to keeps your cables in one place when not in use. This is especially useful if, like me, you’re constantly unplugging your Macbook to take to a meeting or off-site appointment. Instead of finessing your cables in such a way that they won't fall behind the edge of your desk, you slap them onto the MOS and they stay put. 2 The micro-suction base keeps the MOS firmly in place on your desktop, or an optional 3M sticker can be used for mounting it elsewhere vertically.

  1. White and aluminum models not recommended on the ice rink. Maybe black.

  1. Half my cables have enough metal in them to stay put on their own. For those that don't, included in each box are three, colored magnetic "tags" (basically pieces of rubber that secure to any cable).

Pick one up in white or black for around $20, or go big and match your new Macbook Pro with Retina with the aluminum model for around $40.