"Thin & Light"

Shawn Blanc had a nice piece this week in which he described how he uses his iPad and explored where he stands on the big question of late: "iPad Air or iPad Mini w/ Retina?". He notes, as many others have in the days since Apple's recent iPad event, that the gap between the two has narrowed so dramatically that he's just not sure which one will win out:

I don’t want an iPad Air or an iPad mini specifically — I want the device that’s the most enjoyable and conducive to use for getting work done.

Perhaps it’s with the one that has a bigger screen that will prove to be thin and light enough. Or, maybe, the one that is thinner and lighter with a screen that proves to be big enough.

After having used the iPad Air for a few minutes yesterday, I agree with Shawn: the "thick vs thin" and "heavy vs light" paradigms are a thing of the past. The Air represents such an astonishing leap forward in form factor and one-hand comfort that it's probably pointless to base one's decision even partially on that aspect. In fact, given the new parity of the internals, the cameras, and screen resolution 1 , I believe the last remaining facet for comparison is quite simply size. Actual, literal, tangible size. For me, small wins out- I'll be purchasing an iPad Mini hopefully in the very near future. As for Shawn? Well, he has a rather convenient solution to the problem of indecision:

Though I’m still not 100% confident that an iPad Air will be the best iPad for me now that the iPad mini has a Retina display, the alarm on my iPhone is set for tonight at 2:00 am local time. I’ll wake up, order my iPad through Apple’s Store app, choose in-store pickup (assuming it’s an option), and mosey down to my local Apple store some time tomorrow after I’ve had my coffee.

Yeah. That works.

  1. Technically the Mini is a bit higher resolution.