"The Car Warned Me"

(via Tim Stevens)

While driving, there are times that you are confronted by an object in the road that you simply can not safely avoid. Tesla owner Juris Shibayama shares his story:

I was driving home from work on the interstate in the right lane at approximately 70 miles per hour, following a truck. In the middle of the lane, there was a rusty three-pronged trailer hitch that was sticking up with the ball up in the air. The truck in front of me cleared the object. I did not have enough time to swerve to avoid the hitch, and it went below my car. I felt a firm "thud" as the hitch struck the bottom of the car, and it felt as though it even lifted the car up in the air. Somewhat shaken, I continued to drive.

After handling the impact with aplomb, the Tesla Model S won't simply leave you to fend for yourself as you try to overcome the surge of adrenaline and exercise sound judgement. Instead, the Tesla Model S will guide you through a few simple steps to safety:

About 30-45 seconds later, there was a warning on the dashboard display saying, "Car needs service. Car may not restart." I continued to drive, hoping to get home. About one minute later, the message on the dashboard display read, "Please pull over safely. Car is shutting down." I was able to fully control the car the entire time and safely pulled off the left shoulder on the side of the road.

Soon after, the car started smoking and then eventually caught fire. This, of course, is far less scary than a fire involving a vehicle with a massive well of gasoline attached to it. Regardless, you have got to appreciate the way the car took over once the situation got dicey.