EaterPDX spotlight on Expatriate

Nice to see Kyle Webster's new digs getting some love. The man is serious about his craft in a way that I can appreciate:

Has anyone ever ordered a drink that's so cheesy you refuse to make it?

We'll make anything.

Even an appletini?

I don't have the ingredients to make an appletini. I might try to make a fresh one, I might try to do something with Calvados. I'm not in this business to say no to people. I certainly have a very carefully selected range of bottles, I don't have poor quality spirits with bad ingredients or stuff made from gross sugars and shelf stabilized dairy. I don't have stuff like that because it's not good, not because I'm trying to be contrary. If you want the drinks I used to make in Clackamas, we're not the place, but that's not because I'm trying to turn my nose up, it's just a matter of being very specific about what I want to do, which is make cocktails well.

This place is definitely worth checking out. Another St. Jack alum makes good.